Providing peace of mind for your patients and their families

SuperKIDS™ is a high-touch, high-tech care program aimed at seamless hospital discharge, reducing respiratory-related hospitalizations, improving quality of life and engaging parents of pediatric patients in health management. We educate patients on critical milestones in their changing condition such as the loss of mobility and provides support to address those issues. Patients enrolled in the program have access to our care team 24/7 via iPad, chat, or phone to support their success and help achieve patient specific goals.

  • Comprehensive one-source solution that enables seamless discharges
  • Pediatric respiratory therapists work with clinical staff on total care plan pre-discharge
  • In-home therapy equipment set-up and continuing education with follow-up appointments as appropriate to the patient’s condition
  • Families are pro-actively contacted on a regular schedule for resupply orders

We provide a broad range of respiratory therapies and services

Ventilation Oxygen Nebulizer & Nebulized Medications
CPAP/BiPAP Airway Clearance & Mobilization Specialty Pharmacy

Fully Supporting patients and ensuring a continuity of care

Our Interdisciplinary Respiratory (IRC) Care Team acts as an extension of your clinical care team and leverages our proprietary care management technology infrastructure to deliver high-quality care in-person or via telehealth video appointments as appropriate to the patient condition. The IRC Team is respiratory-led and monitors patients as they transition from hospital to the home. We developed our proprietary clinical pathways that have delivered proven reduction of hospital readmission rates, demonstrated improvement in treatment adherence, and reported improvements in patient quality of life.

At the intersection of high-Touch and high-Tech

The SuperKids™ Patient Toolkit provides patients the tools and equipment they need to stay connected to a clinical team dedicated to helping them manage their child.


Allows patient access to clinicians through live video telehealth, education through videos, support through web links, and self-management through a mobile app

IRC Team

Our Interdisciplinary Respiratory Care (IRC) Team is respiratory-led  and acts as an extension of the patient’s clinical care team

Clinical Interactions

Regularly scheduled RT appointments to deliver high-quality care in-person, via telehealth or by phone as appropriate to the patient condition

Proactive Resupply

Families are proactively contacted on a regular schedule for resupply orders

24/7 Access To Clinician

A respiratory therapist is available to assist patients and caregivers any time with their questions or concerns

Want to enroll your facility in SuperKIDS™?

Patients trust their care to us

I love being part of the SuperCare health SuperKIDS program. My parents and I greatly appreciate that we are able to contact someone 24/7 to troubleshoot any equipment issues.

— Asher Critch