Home Medical Equipment (DME)

We make getting your home medical equipment delivered right to your door easy and convenient. Explore our selection of top-quality supplies with just a few clicks.

  • We provide mobility aids, respiratory devices, restroom and bath aids, sanitation supplies, enteral nutrition devices, and more
  • We’ll partner with your healthcare professionals to find the equipment that’s right for you
  • Receive personalized support and set up in your own home
  • Enjoy convenient and easy online ordering
  • We work with most major insurance providers to maximize
    your benefits
Home Medical Equipment
Using Your Crutches
Home Medical Equipment
Using Your Standard Walker
Home Medical Equipment
Assembling Your 4-Wheel Walker

Most equipment is rented for 13 months and then offered for purchase. Consult your insurance carrier for coverage and purchase information.

Most equipment is covered under warranty for a 12 month period.

Broken equipment can be replaced through insurance within the 12 month warranty period. Private payments are also accepted.

Please refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Most orders are available for shipping within 3-5 business days. Some equipment is also available for pick up at your local SuperCare Health branch.

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