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SuperCare Health empowers healthcare professionals with the most efficient and effective respiratory diagnostic tools. With convenient ordering and customized care plans for your patients, we make it easy to partner with us so you can get back to doing what matters most- caring for your patients.

Discover how we can assist patients experiencing a variety of chronic conditions, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis, pulmonary fibrosis, neuromuscular disorders, sleep apnea, and more.
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Online ordering made simple for healthcare professionals

Integrated with most major EMR systems, Parachute offers quick and easy online ordering for healthcare professionals.  


How We Partner with Healthcare Professionals
With our specialized programs and services, we’ll help you stay connected with your patients and ensure they remain compliant with their prescribed treatment plans.
Need support transitioning patients from hospital to home?
Families receive 24/7 access to our support team.
Difficulty refilling medications and supplies for patients?
We offer easy online ordering and refill reminders.
Want to streamline communication for complex cases?
Our interdisciplinary team connects you with patients, caregivers, and providers.
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MD Solutions
Convenience Closet
Immediately connect patients with the equipment they need upon diagnosis.
Remote Patient Monitoring
Monitor your patient’s medical devices and intervene as soon as abnormalities arise.
Home Sleep Test
Detect sleep conditions outside of clinical settings and facilitate patient needs.
Choose from convenient testing options with fast results and treatment plans.
Diagnose patients and coordinate treatment plans with advanced and reliable devices.
Electronic Orders
Our online ordering platforms, Stratice and Parachute, are integrated with most major EMR systems.

Streamline your Practice with Electronic Ordering

Experience the support and convenience of MD Solutions by SuperCare Health. Follow these simple steps to streamline your respiratory care prescriptions and deliver outstanding care to your patients.

Step 1:
Streamline Prescriptions with Online Ordering Platforms

Utilize our approved platforms, Stratice and Parachute, to easily write and refill prescriptions for your patients.

Step 2:
Empower Patients with Advanced Respiratory Solutions

With support from our respiratory care team, begin prescribing advanced therapies and equipment.

Step 3:
Celebrate Improved Health Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction

SuperCare Health is here to support you and your patients as we work together to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

Customized Care Programs

SuperCare introduces our new Diabetes care program, offering a comprehensive set of continuous glucose monitors (CGM), insulin pumps, and related supplies.

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iBreathe™ is a cutting-edge care program aimed at reducing COPD readmissions, improving quality of life, and engaging you in your health management. Our dedicated respiratory care team uses the latest technology and medical advances to help identify your specific triggers and avoid unnecessary readmissions.

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Customized Care for our clients

SuperKids™ is a one-of-a-kind pediatric program that reduces respiratory-related hospitalizations, improves quality of life, and engages parents and caregivers of pediatric patients in customized health management. Program participants and their families have access to our care team 24/7 via telehealth, chat, or phone.

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iAmStrong™ is a neuromuscular care program focused on reducing hospitalizations, improving quality of life, and engaging you in your health management. Our dedicated respiratory care team provides education on your critical milestones and offers unparalleled support throughout your healthcare journey.

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BreatheWell™ is a comprehensive pharmacy program that helps you follow your prescribed medication plan while managing your respiratory condition. We connect you and your physician so your personalized care plan is clear, consistent, and easy to maintain.

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Sleep Apnea Management is an advanced care program for patients with sleep-related breathing disorders. Our dedicated sleep team will support you comfortably in your own home while helping you follow your prescribed treatment plan.

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Our Partners

SuperCare Health is proud to partner with healthcare professionals and insurance providers across the country to bring you the best possible respiratory care solutions.