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Powered by SuperCare Health, our program equips healthcare professionals with advanced tools and innovative resources for optimal patient care. With support from our respiratory care team, enhance your practice’s capabilities and deliver exceptional outcomes to patients with chronic respiratory conditions.

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Online ordering made simple

Our online ordering platforms, Stratice and Parachute, are integrated with most major EMR systems.

Discover How it Works

Experience the support and convenience of our specialized program for healthcare professionals. Follow these simple steps to streamline your respiratory care prescriptions and deliver outstanding care to your patients.

Step 1:
Streamline Prescriptions with Online Ordering Platforms

Utilize our approved platforms, Stratice and Parachute, to easily write and refill prescriptions for your patients.

Step 2:
Empower Patients with Advanced Respiratory Solutions

With support from our respiratory care team, begin prescribing advanced therapies and equipment.

Step 3:
Celebrate Improved Health Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction

SuperCare Health is here to support you and your patients as we work together to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

The MD Toolkit

Solutions for Your Practice

As part of the MD Solutions program, you’ll be provided with this innovative toolkit to help you serve your patients.  


Utilize our approved online ordering platforms, Stratice and Parachute, to easily write and refill prescriptions for your patients. Integrated with most EMR systems, we’ll provide a secure, user friendly experience for prescribing respiratory care solutions, streamlining communication, and reducing turnaround times.
Convenience Closet
Keep essential equipment readily available with our convenience closets. Our program ensures that qualified facilities have immediate access to the equipment needed for patients who meet medical criteria and are covered by insurance.
Remote Patient Monitoring
Stay connected with your patients through this state of the art program. Biometric data provided by our clinical team of respiratory therapists enables real-time monitoring of patient health, allowing you to optimize treatment plans and enhance patient outcomes.
Home Sleep Test
Provide your patients with convenient home sleep testing to diagnose sleep apnea and other sleep-related breathing disorders. Our home sleep testing program provides patients with user friendly equipment for overnight monitoring, delivering reliable data for informed treatment plans.
Document medical necessity and accurately assess patients for non-invasive ventilation. Our capnography solutions offer convenient in-home and in-clinic testing, delivering quick and precise results to guide treatment decisions.
Confirm diagnoses, monitor disease progression, and evaluate therapy outcomes. Our spirometer device rental options offer the flexibility to conduct testing in-home or during regular appointments, delivering accurate and comprehensive assessments.
I appreciate the effort the SuperCare Health team took to help me learn about my equipment so that I could travel with my family. I thought COPD would keep me at home.
I love being part of the SuperCare Health SuperKids™ program. My parents and I greatly appreciate that we are able to contact someone 24/7 to troubleshoot any equipment issues.
SuperCare Health would regularly check in with me to make sure I was doing what my doctor prescribed. My health improved because of that consistent support.
I have grown really close to the SuperCare Health team members who regularly contact me, and I feel truly cared for as a patient.
Without the instructions and information from SuperCare Health, I wouldn’t have known what to do. They saved my life.
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