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Team Member Of The Month- January 2024
Posted: 01/09/2024
Updated: 02/19/2024
By: SuperCare Health
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Celebrating Araceli Richardson, Jr Recruiter: Employee of the Month

Meet Araceli Richardson, Jr Recruiter, a standout performer at SCH who has been rightfully awarded the Employee of the Month. Since joining in January 2023, Araceli has consistently demonstrated unwavering effort, passion, and a positive attitude in her role, making her an invaluable asset to our organization.

Araceli’s impactful journey began a year ago, and within seven months (April to November 2023), she played a crucial role in bringing 55 new hires on board. What sets her apart is the quantity and quality of candidates she personally-screened and scheduled for interviews.

Araceli embodies our core values, including being a Customer, promoting Teamwork, being Results-driven, and embracing the spirit of People Who Care.

Recognizing Araceli Richardson as our Employee of the Month, we applaud her outstanding contributions, unwavering efforts, and positive impact on our recruitment endeavors. Araceli’s journey exemplifies the potency of passion, dedication, and a sincere commitment to excellence. Congratulations on this well-deserved acknowledgment!

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