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Yes, the CGM requires a prescription along with qualifying chart notes. Some insurance companies may also require pre-authorization.

Continuous glucose monitors are sensor-based systems that continuously provide glucose readings day and night, without the need for fingersticks

  • People with type 1 diabetes.
  • People with type 2 diabetes who are taking multiple daily injections of insulin.
  • People who have unexplained fluctuations in blood glucose or frequently need to modify insulin doses.
  • People who experience frequent hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or frequent hyperglycemia.
  • People who are unaware or suspicious of overnight hypoglycemia.
  • People whose A1C is inconsistent with self-monitored blood glucose results
  • To help you meet your A1C goal, which leads to better health and improved quality of life.
  • To decrease the need for fingersticks.
  • To reduce the frequency of low glucose. Some CGM models have alerts for high and low glucose levels.
  • To have the ability to remotely share glucose data with family / friends and your healthcare team.
  • To see how often your glucose level is in target range.
  • To provide a detailed picture of how daily food choices, activity levels and diabetes medications are affecting glucose levels, which helps you make decisions about managing your diabetes.

The devices are about the size of a stack of two quarters and stick to your skin (typically your stomach or tricep) with a strong adhesive. When you apply the CGM, a flexible filament only a few millimeters long and as thick as dental floss embeds just under your skin. Enzymes on the tip of the filament interact with glucose molecules in the fluid between your cells; this chemical reaction then produces an electrical current, the strength of which can be translated into a glucose concentration number you can see on your phone, usually expressed in milligrams per deciliter or mg/dL.

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