Ancillary Services

  • Respiratory
  • Home medical equipment
  • Sleep
  • Medical Supplies

5% of your high risk patient accounts for 50% of your costs

SuperCare Health offers ancillary service management of DME, ventilation, oxygen, PAP, and medical supplies and in-home care management for patients with respiratory diseases.  With a 500+ staff including respiratory therapists, pharmacists and in-home care technicians, we offer proven high-touch, high-tech care management programs that support your existing disease management programs.

Reduce Ancillary Over-Utilization

  • Providing capitation and shared savings programs
  • 10% guaranteed ancillary reduction

Efficient & Expedited Transition of Care

  • Providing comprehensive respiratory and ancillary services
  • Coordinating complex hospital discharges for COPD patients
  • Pediatric complex care management

Marked Improvement in Patient Experience

  • Improved patient satisfaction and increased STAR rating
  • Increased HCC Capture/Recapture, Higher RAF
  • Better Outcomes on Quality Metrics (HEDIS, STARS)
  • Patient Experience through safe Hospital In-Home Care

Improved Outcomes & Proven Results

IRB-Approved Clinical Trial in COPD Patients

  • 555% ROI
  • 37.5% all-cause reduction
  • 48% reduction in total LOS
  • $1.2 million savings with 250 patients

Reduce costs, Improve outcomes, Increase patient satisfaction

Healthcare practitioner talking with couple

Home-Based Care Management

  • COPD, CHF & pediatric care
  • Risk stratification & protocols
  • Pediatric complex care management
  • Medication management
  • Behavioral health screening
  • Palliative care services

Care Coordination Programs

  • Transitional Care Management
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Chronic Care Management
  • MTM / Individualized Medication Therapy
  • Home-Based Pulmonary Rehab

National coverage for respiratory services

No PMPM fee to patient, provider or health plan

(for our capitated partners and iBreathe Basic)