SuperCare Health is a comprehensive post-acute respiratory care provider focused on improving the lives of patients with chronic diseases

Our Population Health programs such as iBreathe are customizable for each system and supports the management of both chronic care and high acuity respiratory care patients such as COPD, respiratory failure, and asthma.

Unlike any other company, because our focus is in the home and our specialization in the complex respiratory needs of the patient, our end-to-end care solution plays a supporting role to each care management team by providing a high-touch team of specialized respiratory therapists, pharmacists, RDs, and RNs together with high-tech solutions with mobile apps, telehealth, video education, and integrated wireless respiratory medical devices.

The combination of these end-to-end services have proven results of over 65% reduction to all-cause readmissions and satisfaction scores which exceed 96%.

To get started and save millions on your high-risk patient base, it’s simple


Choose which program (or programs) are most important to address your at-risk patient populations


Schedule a demonstration with us to learn how SuperCare Health can help you and your patients


Run a pilot with a circumscribed population of patients if you need to verify your own risk


Let SuperCare Health be your end-to-end solution


See the results in your cost savings and patient satisfaction

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SuperCare Health analyzes data from patients’ homes through our proprietary CareConnect clinical dashboard

We can provide referring physicians, patients and caregivers with key metrics on the effectiveness, quality and cost of each patient’s treatment plan


Cost-Effectively manage low and High Risk Populations

Our programs manage both transitional care for patients with discharge coordination from the hospital, as well as chronic care for patients in the home. We can tailor our programs to suit your needs with SuperCare Health’s elevated standard of care for your patient populations. We also provide intensive PLUS programs for those at highest risk that supports patients with additional clinical interactions and touchpoints.


Our comprehensive post-acute care management services and technology provides many benefits

  • Reducing hospital readmissions and emergency room visits
  • Increasing care plan adherence
  • Maximizing treatment benefits through remote monitoring
  • Improving overall patient wellness and quality of life


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