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Top 5 Things Patients Should Know about Managing Their Chronic Respiratory Conditions
Posted: 07/15/2024
Updated: 07/15/2024
By: SuperCare Health
Est Read Time: 4 min

More than 34 million people in the United States struggle with a chronic lung disease, such as asthma, COPD, and pulmonary fibrosis. As part of SuperCare Health’s commitment to improve the lives of patients with respiratory conditions, we’re pleased to share information that can help lower your cost of care and give you greater freedom to maintain your own treatment plan. Here are the top five things you should know from our leading respiratory clinicians.  

Ensure you fully understand your diagnosis. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at your appointments and follow up if your questions aren’t answered. Understanding how your disease developed, what can worsen or improve your condition, and the symptoms to monitor will not only save you time at the doctor and reduce the cost of care, but it will also lower your chances of hospitalization.

Know your body’s cues and have an emergency plan. Keep a log of your symptoms and triggers and ask your medical team to explain the red flags specific to your diagnosis. This will help you identify when and what worsens your condition. Work with your clinical team to obtain self-monitoring tools, such as a pulse oximeter, peak flow meter, and blood pressure monitor. You can also explore programs that provide remote patient monitoring, including SuperCare Health’s respiratory care programs. Most importantly, have an emergency plan in place that includes the following should a flare up occur:

  • How do I assess whether I need emergency medical care?
  • Who do I call for help? Which doctor? Which family member? Who are my emergency contacts?
  • Where is my closest urgent care and emergency room? 
  • Where is my full list of medications and which must I take with me when receiving emergency care?
  • What items should I pack in my bag when I need to leave quickly for an emergency?

Follow your treatment plan as prescribed. Be sure to use all medications and therapies as prescribed by your care team. Don’t hesitate to contact your doctor if you are having difficulty following your prescribed plan. Many respiratory therapies work like eyeglasses: If you take them off, they no longer help. It’s also important to remember that even if you feel better, that is even more reason to maintain your current care plan as prescribed. 

Find the best selfcare techniques that work for you. Small changes to your daily activities can have a big impact on your overall health. Under the supervision of a medical professional, start with gradually increasing your movement in a way that is safe, fun, and effective for you. Consider learning partner breathing techniques along with other movement-based activities recommended by your care team.

Stay motivated and build your support network. Always remember that you are not alone. Many hospitals, nonprofits, and community centers offer free resources and classes, including support groups for those who share your unique challenges. As you build your support network, create a list of attainable goals that will improve your quality of life, and ask your friends and family to stay by your side as you achieve those goals. Additionally, you may want to establish a buddy system with a friend that you can count on in a time of need. You can also talk to the experts at the American Lung Association HelpLine by calling 1-800-586-4872

From quick and easy prescription refills to telehealth appointments with our leading respiratory therapists, SuperCare Health is here to support you on your healthcare journey. To learn more about our comprehensive respiratory care programs, visit our patients page online. Read about our newest division, SuperCare Diabetes, by clicking here. To get in touch with a SuperCare Health customer service representative, call (800) 206-4880.

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Behind the Scenes: Photos from SuperCare Health’s 50th Anniversary Ceremony
Posted: 07/11/2024
Updated: 07/11/2024
By: SuperCare Health
Est Read Time: 3 min

Featuring the City of Industry Business Council and Regional Chamber of Commerce San Gabriel Valley

Our 50th-anniversary celebration continues! Organizational leaders from across the country gathered on Tuesday, July 9, 2024, to join the City of Industry Business Council and the Regional Chamber of Commerce San Gabriel Valley in an intimate and inspiring ceremony. Get a behind the scenes look at this special event with photos from the big day. 

John Cassar, CEO and Owner, shared heartfelt words of appreciation to his employees and executive team for helping the healthcare company reach this milestone. “As I stand before this extraordinary group of leaders, I am filled with gratitude for your hard work and unwavering commitment to our patients. Thank you for joining us today as we continue to improve lives in the communities we serve. To my executive team, you are my band of brothers. We are here today because of your perseverance and hard work.”

Cassar also bestowed special recognition to his parents, Gabe and Micheline Cassar, who founded the company in 1974 as a small retail pharmacy in Hacienda Heights, California. “To my mother and father, our original founders, who showed me that anything is possible. You instilled in me the values of hard work, integrity, and humility. You laid the foundation of our core values that exist today at SuperCare Health and demonstrated that as entrepreneurs, it’s truly possible to start with almost nothing and build something remarkable. This achievement is as much yours as it is mine.”

Representing the City of Industry Business Council, Joanne McClaskey, Executive Director, presented SuperCare Health’s executive team with a ceremonial plaque, certificate, and mementos on behalf of the City. Additional members of her team joined the presentation, including Cindy Salas, Yvette Dominguez, and Patricia Santillan. 

The Regional Chamber of Commerce San Gabriel Valley made a special appearance at the ceremony, as well, presenting Cassar and team with a plaque in recognition of their Chamber membership and service to the community. Joined by colleagues Nef Cortex and Mike Brown, remarks on behalf of the Chamber were delivered by Aziz Amiri, CEO, and Ken Liebman, President and Chairman of the Board.

As the ceremony came to an end, SuperCare Health’s Kristen Bengo, VP of Human Resources, and Kim Hoeckendorf, Executive VP of Sales and Operations, addressed the audience. Said Bengo, “On behalf of everyone far and wide at SuperCare Health, we want to thank and congratulate this team of visionary leaders, our executives who have guided us through so many challenges and triumphs. Most importantly, I want to thank every team member for your devotion and commitment to the people who matter the most to us- our patients and communities. I am so proud to be part of an organization that demonstrates such genuine care and compassion for the world around us. Congratulations, SuperCare Health for 50 years of impactful service!”  

To learn more about SuperCare Health and to enroll in one of our comprehensive respiratory care programs, visit us online. To explore our newest division, SuperCare Diabetes, check out our website. Speak with a SuperCare Health customer service representative by calling (800) 206-4880 or use our new and improved live virtual chat

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John Cassar, CEO & Owner, Celebrates SuperCare Health’s 50th Anniversary with Intimate Fireside Chat
Posted: 07/05/2024
Updated: 07/10/2024
By: SuperCare Health
Est Read Time: 6 min

As we continue to enjoy our 50th anniversary celebration, team members from across the organization gathered together to ask our CEO, John Cassar, some impactful questions about his career as a healthcare leader. Get a behind the scenes look at their insightful conversation here.

Q: Looking back on 50 years of supporting patients, what is the proudest moment in your career?

A: As a respiratory care company facing the pandemic head on, the entire SuperCare Health team and I felt a personal responsibility to care for our communities, going into high alert in support of the healthcare systems throughout California. We set aside expenses and shipped respiratory devices in major cargo and commercial transports to help with the demand. My team and I went to the docks and small airports to unload planes and cargo containers with our own hands. We drove respiratory care supplies in our personal vehicles to the local hospitals. We did whatever we could to save just one more life. 

As the pandemic intensified, SuperCare Health was among the first organizations to establish in-home respiratory therapy and remote patient monitoring programs. At a time when everything was locked down, these virtual options allowed our partnered healthcare professionals to support symptomatic patients remotely, freeing up beds and avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations. Our respiratory therapists, technicians, care coaches, and customer service staff worked courageously 24/7 to support our community as we rolled out these programs, streamlining the discharge and follow up experience for patients and providers alike. 

When the pandemic continued through 2021 and beyond, SuperCare Health worked to increase access to respiratory care. Hospitals, clinics, and healthcare professionals still contact us to help manage their influx of patients and provide ventilators and oxygen. Ultimately, I am most proud of how we instantly mobilized to save lives. We adapted to the extreme circumstances within our communities at a time when our patients needed support the most.

Q:  How has constant change in the healthcare environment affected the way SuperCare Health serves patients?

A: As technology, standards of care, and treatments change, our teams pivot to update our goals, business model, leadership style, and organizational structure. We always strive to stay one step ahead of the next big change in our industry, especially when it comes to life saving technologies. It’s not just about putting something new on our shelves. It’s creating entirely new branches of the business, growing and training our teams, and ensuring everyone is able to collaborate and adapt seamlessly throughout the company’s transformation. Our leadership team embraces and looks forward to continuous change. 

Q: How can we continue to foster innovation and creativity within our teams?

A: At SuperCare Health, we’re never satisfied with the norm and have developed an environment of continuous innovation among our team members. Within each of our divisions, we encourage everyone from the top down to identify opportunities and pilot their own planes. We take a step back, and sometimes we have to allow others to fail. We believe failure creates the best learning opportunities, so we never place blame. Instead, we continuously learn and adapt, coming back smarter and stronger. 

From an operations perspective, we perform many technology sprints with our in-house IT and software development teams. We continually grow our software development division where we create customized applications that offer a positive patient experience. We also look outside our industry for unique models that can fit what we do. Sometimes it’s a fun challenge to make a round peg fit into a square hole. 

Q: How have you built a strong and connected organizational culture among team members?

A: With every new initiative, we are sure to continue building on our foundation of lifelong learning and our Culture of CARE, which stands for Connection, Alignment, Respect, and Empathy. In action, those key elements of our culture include: 

  • Work as a team with respect, professionalism and kindness while lending support to our colleagues. 
  • Be consistent in words and action, so trust is established.
  • Speak openly about concerns and bring solutions to the table.
  • Recognize, encourage, and model positive and productive behaviors.
  • View all employees as important members of the SuperCare Health team and value their contributions regardless of job, role or title.
  • Treat everyone with integrity, compassion, and respect.

Over the last decade, while many healthcare organizations were laying off their clinical teams because of cutbacks to Medicare and reimbursements, SuperCare Health differentiated itself by holding strong to our values and our clinical programs. Our team members understood those values from the moment they walked through our doors, so we were able to reach our common goals together while keeping our teams united. 

Q: What advice can you share with people who are just beginning their careers in healthcare or looking to make their next move? 

A: No matter how much success you experience, always remain humble and hungry. Never forget where you came from. I will always push myself and my teams as though we’re still a struggling small business trying to survive. Regardless of how much our organization grows, we always make decisions from that standpoint of survival. We always think and choose like underdogs. 

There is always room for improvement. Something can be exceptional, and it’s still not good enough. When you see yourself comfortable, don’t get complacent.  Be in a mode of constant improvement, adaptation, and change.  Success is really never achieved.  It’s a continuous journey that we get to traverse throughout our lifetime. 

Be willing to pivot and stay agile. We must be willing to adapt to changing circumstances while still staying true to our vision. 

A: No matter how much success you experience, always remain humble and hungry. Never forget where you came from. I will always push myself and my teams as though we’re still a struggling small business trying to survive. Regardless of how much our organization grows, we always make decisions from that standpoint of survival. We always think and choose like underdogs. 

There is always room for improvement. Something can be exceptional, and it’s still not good enough. When you see yourself comfortable, don’t get complacent.  Be in a mode of constant improvement, adaptation, and change.  Success is really never achieved.  It’s a continuous journey that we get to traverse throughout our lifetime. 

Be willing to pivot and stay agile. We must be willing to adapt to changing circumstances while still staying true to our vision. 

Thank you for joining John Cassar, CEO & Owner, for this intimate fireside chat. We’re so glad you were able to celebrate our 50th anniversary with us! To learn more about SuperCare Health and to explore our comprehensive respiratory care programs, visit our patients page online. Read about our newest division, SuperCare Diabetes, by clicking here. To get in touch with a SuperCare Health customer service representative, call (800) 206-4880.

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Honoring 50 Years of Hard Work, Integrity, and Innovation
Posted: 06/07/2024
Updated: 06/12/2024
By: SuperCare Health
Est Read Time: 5 min

CEO & Owner, John Cassar, Shares Life Lessons in Celebration of SuperCare Health’s 50th Anniversary

Honoring SuperCare Health’s 50 Year Legacy

The story of SuperCare Health starts with my parents, Gabe and Micheline Cassar. Fresh off the plane from chilly Montreal, Canada, they landed in Los Angeles with big dreams… and even bigger winter coats. They swapped the snow for sunshine and set up a tiny retail pharmacy in the San Gabriel Valley called Super Rx. Little did I know, I was about to be enrolled in the most unconventional business school ever, taught by Professor Mom and Dean Dad.

Fast forward to my very young teenage years. Forget after school activities. My brother Tony and I had a different practice. We would scrub shelves, hand out flyers in the heat, unpack items throughout the day, deliver prescriptions at night, and do whatever we could to keep the business afloat. Our childhood memories are a unique blend of nostalgia and perpetual work. 

This taught me my first valuable life lesson: There is no substitute for hard work and grit.

In the beginning, SuperCare Rx was a David facing a whole army of Goliath-sized apothecarychains.  But we had heart, hustle, and some pretty creative marketing strategies within our community.  We offered free blood pressure checks, sponsored the local little league teams, and our church bulletin promised a prescription in under 10 minutes. And of course, there were always those flyers that conveniently needed to be distributed on the hottest days of the year. We played to our strengths and never stopped fighting for our customers. 

That’s how I learned another valuable lesson: Always think like an underdog and win with a little creativity.

My father was fiercely committed to patient care, even if it meant going toe-to-toe with doctors and insurance companies. He knew it wasn’t about the bottom line. It was about doing the right thing for the people we served. This commitment to integrity has always been a core value with me and SuperCare Health. We’ve had opportunities to partner with high-performing sales reps and contract out with certain health entities, but if their character and values did not align, the door hit them on the way out.

That’s how I learned this key lesson: Build a business with heart and integrity, and you will build a legacy.

Take Measurable Risks 

At 18 years-old and still in college, I obtained a real estate license. Later, I sold some commercial properties, allowing for a little nest egg. This entrepreneurial spirit led me to invest in assisted living facilities, a perfect blend of helping people with my newfound skills in real estate. Now, not every risk was a slam dunk. Let’s just say some of those early investments wouldn’t exactly make the cover of Forbes magazine. But hey, you win some, you lose some, and you learn a whole lot along the way. 

This is one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in business: Take measurable risks early on and doors will open in the future. 

Build Exceptional Teams

Perhaps the most valuable lesson of all is the power of teamwork. My parents showed me that success isn’t a solo act. It’s a collaborative team effort fueled by people who believe in a shared vision for success, supporting and trusting each other along the way. This lesson has been central to my own journey at SuperCare Health. As the company has transformed, I’ve come to understand the critical importance of surrounding myself with talented individuals who complement my strengths and fill my knowledge gaps. It’s not about having all the answers. It’s about building a team in which everyone’s unique skills and perspectives come together to create something truly remarkable. Each and every one of SuperCare Health’s team members – from leadership to our frontline respiratory therapists, techs, and patient representatives – play a vital role in our company’s success. Their hard work, passion, and commitment make the biggest difference in our ability to serve patients with excellence.   

Here’s the ultimate lesson: Know your weaknesses and fill those gaps with exceptional team members.

Stay True to Your Vision

Looking back, it’s clear that having a defined vision from the very beginning set me on the path to success. At our core, SuperCare Health was built upon pursuing innovation, improving lives, and reducing the cost of care. Anything outside of our vision was left in the periphery. A nice to have, but not a need. It’s a testament to the power of dreaming big, setting ambitious goals, and chasing them relentlessly to make a positive impact on the world. Through it all, I’ve learned that success isn’t just about the bottom line.

This final lesson comes from the heart: If you want to be a genuine innovator and help people along the way, it’s all about staying true to your purpose, your people, your principles, and your vision.

By John Cassar, CEO & Owner, SuperCare Health

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Top Three Things Patients Should Know about Coexisting Diabetes and Respiratory Conditions
Posted: 06/04/2024
Updated: 07/10/2024
By: SuperCare Health
Est Read Time: 3 min

Welcome to SuperCare DiabetesTM, the newest division of SuperCare Health® focused on streamlining and strengthening services for patients managing coexisting respiratory conditions and diabetes. With continuous glucose monitors (CGM), insulin pumps, and other diabetes care supplies added to our healthcare services and programs, we’ve combined the latest technology with skilled patient care representatives for a supportive, convenient, and cost-effective patient experience.

Did you know that diabetes frequently coexists with chronic respiratory conditions such as sleep apnea, COPD, and diseases that require long-term oxygen therapy? For patients struggling to manage the complexities of these intersecting health challenges, SuperCare Diabetes is here to share the top three things patients should know about coexisting respiratory conditions and diabetes. 

  1. It’s essential to follow your prescribed care plan. Effective management of coexisting respiratory conditions and diabetes is critical to reducing complications, enhancing overall health outcomes, and improving your quality of life. For convenient ordering and delivery of your prescribed respiratory supplies, contact SuperCare Health online or by calling (800) 206-4880. To contact our diabetes care team, click here or call (855) 761-0889.     
  1. Increasing severity of sleep apnea has been associated with worsening glucose control. It’s important for patients with diabetes to see a doctor if they’re experiencing sleep apnea symptoms. According to a joint study published by McGill University and The University of Chicago, up to 83% of patients with type 2 diabetes may suffer from undiagnosed sleep apnea. To receive support for your sleep apnea management, view SuperCare Health’s full list of sleep services here.  
  1. A diabetes diagnosis is not a death sentence. It’s a lifesaver! The American Diabetes Association reports that 1.2 million Americans receive a new diabetes diagnosis every year. It’s estimated that 8.7 million adults in the US remain undiagnosed.The good news is that it’s easier than ever to manage your diabetes with the latest technology, such as a discrete, wearable monitor that delivers real-time glucose numbers to a smartphone. Learn more about the latest diabetes innovations from SuperCare Diabetes online.  

Through SuperCare Health’s mission to improve lives and reduce the cost of care, our dedicated team of experienced healthcare professionals remains committed to supporting our communities one home, one family, and one patient at a time. It all starts here, with convenient access to care for coexisting respiratory conditions and diabetes.

Want to learn more about SuperCare Health? Check out our latest video.

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SuperCare Health® Honors National Patient Recognition Week with Stories of Triumph and Resilience from Leading Respiratory Therapists
Posted: 02/02/2024
Updated: 02/26/2024
By: SuperCare Health
Est Read Time: 4 min

We invite you to join SuperCare Health team members from across the country as we honor National Patient Recognition Week from February 1-7, 2024. During this important awareness week and all year long, SuperCare Health remains committed to increasing access to care and providing the highest quality programs and products to patients with conditions including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis, pulmonary fibrosis, neuromuscular disorders, asthma, sleep apnea, and more. Increasing access to care is particularly important in light of recent studies focused on the patient experience. In 2021, The Health Information National Trends Survey found that only 52.8 percent of adults felt their healthcare providers involved them in decisions about their healthcare as much as they wanted. Additionally, the study reported that fewer than 27% of adults believed their healthcare provider helped them understand their diagnoses and prescriptions. SuperCare Health is on the frontlines battling these statistics through comprehensive programs that better connect patients and their providers while helping patients follow their prescribed care plans. As we continue the celebration of National Patient Recognition Week, let’s hear from SuperCare Health’s leading Respiratory Therapists about how patients have shaped their careers and lives. 

“Giving a patient their quality of life back is life-changing. When someone has difficulty breathing, it affects everything they do in their everyday life. To hear that a mom was finally able to go to her son’s baseball game, a spouse went to the grocery store, or a grandparent was finally able to join a family vacation. It all makes everything so worth it. It’s truly rewarding to hear how we have touched the lives of our patients in big and small ways. Our team of respiratory therapists works together to give our patients hope, and we are so proud to see them succeed and do the things they so badly want to do. Our patients continue to inspire us every day!”

Lorie Dickey, CRP (Certified Respiratory Therapist),  RCP (Respiratory Care Practitioner)

“Patients are the heart and soul of what we do. When they need our services most, it can be a difficult time in their lives. Our job is to treat each patient with respect and dignity while providing care that will improve their quality of life. It isn’t always easy, but when I am a part of this process, it allows me to see how great service can truly uplift a person’s life. I am honored to be a part of my patients’ lives, and I know how much it means to them when we make their care a priority.”

Josh Wilhelm, RAE (Respiratory Account Executive)

“Working with patients for more than 30 years has given me the unique opportunity to support people from all backgrounds and walks of life with a variety of health conditions. Each unique patient has a different need, whether it be educating them on their disease process, teaching them how to use their medical equipment, or just being there to hear their frustrations. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed helping my patients adjust to their new challenges so that they can get back to their quality of life. There are many patients I have met throughout the years who have inspired me, even with the simplest of gestures, like meeting their four-legged companions or sharing a cup of soup. I will never forget them.”

Robert Perea, CRP (Certified Respiratory Therapist)

About SuperCare Health

SuperCare Health is a comprehensive, high-touch, high-tech, post-acute healthcare organization that manages patients with chronic conditions and provides a broad range of therapies, including ventilation, oxygen, CPAP/BiPAP, medication optimization, nebulizers and nebulized medications, airway clearance and mobilization, enteral supplies, and more. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies combined with quality clinical services, SuperCare Health’s services, programs, and products support cost savings, improved patient outcomes, and streamlined care coordination. 

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Honoring National Pharmacists Day with new insights from Head Pharmacist Ali Nouri Khorasani, PharmD, BCMTMS.
Posted: 01/11/2024
Updated: 03/02/2024
By: SuperCare Health
Est Read Time: 7 min

In recognition of National Pharmacists Day on January 12, 2024, we sat down with SuperCare Health’s Director of Clinical Services and Head Pharmacist of more than six years, Ali Khorasani, PharmD, BCMTMS. He shared how pharmacists are shaping the healthcare experience now more than ever and explained the importance of forming trusting relationships with patients. Check out our conversation here.

Q: Why do you love interacting with patients?

  A: There is a unique relationship that forms when a patient walks into a pharmacy, whether it’s their first visit or their hundredth. Whether it’s for a regular flu shot or refills on a lifesaving medication. It’s all about building trust with patients and letting them know they can count on me and my staff to deliver what they need to stay healthy. When we build trust, patients know our advisement is valuable and are more likely to follow their care plans. Earning the trust of my patients is the greatest reward I could ask for. It’s why I’m so dedicated to my work.

 Q: Can you share a special moment in your career where you made a difference in a patient’s life?

A: When I worked in New York, a regular patient came in with a prescription as they often did. But this time, there would have been a dangerous drug interaction if taken as prescribed. I coordinated with their physician to update the prescription and helped the patient with a care plan that was safe and easy to follow.  The patient ended up being a popular celebrity, and I served them for years until my last day working in New York. When they found out I was relocating, they brought me a very heartfelt gift. I still think about how special it was to help that patient. 

Q: Many people only see pharmacists as the face behind a retail counter. What do you want patients to know about the work you do every day?

A: At our core, the most important part of a pharmacist’s role is ensuring medication is dispensed safely. It’s not just about reading what a doctor writes and following that direction, though that’s part of it. So much goes on behind the scenes to verify drug interactions, allergies, sensitivities, and even a patient’s ability to take their medications as directed. We look into all aspects of the patient’s history and current condition to make sure nothing was missed in the ER, hospital, or busy clinic. Whatever a physician has ordered, the pharmacist must complete that cycle and clearly communicate the next steps to patients.   

Q: What has changed the most in your field since you began your career nearly two decades ago?

A: I think the greatest changes have affected how pharmacists do business and serve patients. We’re no longer a field of medicine based mainly on brick-and-mortar retail shops. There are now more specialized practices within the field. Pharmacists are now required to receive and maintain degrees and licenses on par with MDs. Changes like these are centered around integrating pharmacists into the healthcare experience and asking them to play an active role in their patients’ care. This enables us to take on many of the responsibilities that come with managing care plans, which widens the scope of our practice and allows us to do so much more to help our community. Pharmacists are now able to be boots on the ground in hospitals, clinics, and schools, increasing access to care where patients need our support the most. All of these positive changes have a direct influence on improving patient outcomes.

Q: How has the advancement of medical technology affected your everyday practice?  

A: One of my biggest passions is figuring out how I can make it easier for my patients to access their medications and healthcare plans. Technology has really expanded that access in ways we never anticipated 20-30 years ago. Rather than the conventional way of picking up the phone, waiting on hold for ages, and figuring it out, we can now help people much more efficiently with well-managed online systems. It reduces errors, minimizes wait times, and provides more accessible information to patients. In short, patients can get everything they need faster. And that makes everyone happy.

Q: Why did you choose a career in pharmacy?

A: Coming from a family of physicians and dentists, we all shared a passion for helping people get the care they need. I especially wanted a career where I could practice medicine while supporting the growth of a business and providing access to care in different communities. I wanted the chance to interact with people, make a difference close to home, and help as many people as possible. Pharmacists are usually one of the first providers a patient talks to when beginning treatment for a condition, and we’re often the most accessible person on their care team. A patient can walk into any pharmacy, and a lot of times, the first face they really feel like they can trust is the pharmacist. That’s exactly where I wanted to take my work.

Q: Who helped guide your studies and early career?

A: From the time I began pharmacy school, every instructor and preceptor had such an impact on me. On each rotation, I had a new person come into my life and teach me something valuable. It was so interesting to observe the varying ways that different people would deliver care and run their businesses. I was a willing learner and wanted to soak up every ounce of advice I was given, so I savored opportunities to learn from everyone everywhere I went. Now that I’m more seasoned in my career, I completely understand the choices everyone made and why they taught me what they did.   

Q: What advice do you have for pharmacy students today considering pharmacy as their specialty?

  A: Many people only understand pharmacy as a typical retail store in their community. But there’s so much more to this field. I want students to understand that within pharmacy, there are many different options for what our day-to-day can look like. You might work in a hospital, a clinic, an office, or behind a desk. Being a pharmacist can go way beyond dispensing medications and counseling patients at the counter. We have the potential to impact all aspects of our patients’ lives. We get to be the first trusted face to many patients who need help taking their next steps towards healing. We get to help coordinate care so patients receive the comprehensive support they need. Pharmacists are often on the frontlines of improving medication management and driving better patient outcomes. It truly is the flexible and fulfilling career most people want when they go into medicine. 

Thank you for joining SuperCare Health in celebration of National Pharmacists Day. We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at one of the most dynamic specialties in the field of medicine. To become a patient of our online pharmacy, sign up today by clicking here. You can also submit a script for new medications and quick refills here. To get in touch with our pharmacists, click here.  

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Team Member Of The Month- January 2024
Posted: 01/09/2024
Updated: 02/19/2024
By: SuperCare Health
Est Read Time: 1 min

Celebrating Araceli Richardson, Jr Recruiter: Employee of the Month

Meet Araceli Richardson, Jr Recruiter, a standout performer at SCH who has been rightfully awarded the Employee of the Month. Since joining in January 2023, Araceli has consistently demonstrated unwavering effort, passion, and a positive attitude in her role, making her an invaluable asset to our organization.

Araceli’s impactful journey began a year ago, and within seven months (April to November 2023), she played a crucial role in bringing 55 new hires on board. What sets her apart is the quantity and quality of candidates she personally-screened and scheduled for interviews.

Araceli embodies our core values, including being a Customer, promoting Teamwork, being Results-driven, and embracing the spirit of People Who Care.

Recognizing Araceli Richardson as our Employee of the Month, we applaud her outstanding contributions, unwavering efforts, and positive impact on our recruitment endeavors. Araceli’s journey exemplifies the potency of passion, dedication, and a sincere commitment to excellence. Congratulations on this well-deserved acknowledgment!

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Team Member of the Month – September 2023
Posted: 09/06/2023
Updated: 09/06/2023
By: SuperCare Health
Est Read Time: 2 min

SuperCare Health proudly recognizes our team members for their dedication to excellence. Read why this month’s honoree was nominated:

In our healthcare community, some individuals truly stand out, and today, we want to spotlight one such remarkable team member: Jonathan. His commitment to patient care has been extraordinary, and we can’t help but applaud his unwavering dedication.

Jonathan’s daily efforts involve assisting multiple locations across Northern California with patient discharges. What sets him apart is his willingness to lend a hand and his eagerness to go above and beyond.

His can-do attitude is truly inspiring. Jonathan approaches his work with a ‘go-getter’ mentality, always ready to offer a helping hand and ensure the well-being of our patients. Over the past month, he has not only covered all Northern California locations but also taken the lead on most discharges, showcasing his exceptional leadership skills.

Jonathan’s commitment to keeping all departments well-informed makes him an invaluable team member. He meticulously coordinates discharge dates, ensures the availability of necessary supplies, and goes the extra mile to guarantee that our patients have a positive experience during challenging times.

Jonathan, your dedication to patient care and unwavering support for our team do not go unnoticed. You exemplify what it means to be a true team player, and your contributions significantly impact our mission to provide exceptional healthcare.

Thank you, Jonathan, for your outstanding commitment and hard work. Your positivity, diligence, and selflessness genuinely make a difference in our patients’ lives and our team’s success. Keep up the excellent work!

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Team Member Of The Month – August 2023
Posted: 08/09/2023
Updated: 08/09/2023
By: SuperCare Health
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SuperCare Health proudly recognizes our team members for their dedication to excellence. Read why this month’s honoree was nominated:

Oscar’s journey at SuperCare Health spans over five years, during which he has not only progressed from PST to Dispatcher but has also consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our patients and the organization. His meticulous attention to detail and adept problem-solving skills set him apart. Oscar’s dedication knows no bounds – he goes above and beyond by stepping in to support his team with deliveries to AZ, a round trip of four hours, whenever the local team is swamped, ensuring every patient receives exceptional care.

His willingness to provide assistance and support is commendable; he readily extends his expertise to any location requiring his aid. From Albuquerque, NM, to last-minute on-call emergencies, Oscar has repeatedly proven that he is always ready to step up. Most recently, he seamlessly filled in for an emergency on-call PST situation without hesitation.

Oscar’s daily endeavors epitomize our core values of “People Who Care” and “Teamwork.” Through his steadfast dedication, he personifies our mission of patient care. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Oscar for his unyielding support and commitment to our shared cause.

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