A Special Welcome to Former LifeCare Solutions Customers:

We want to assure you that your health is our top priority and we will make sure your transition to SuperCare Health is seamless. We’re working hard so there is no interruption to the respiratory care you are receiving.

Our transition team is currently reaching out to former LifeCare Solutions patients individually. Thank you for your patience if we have not yet connected with you.

If you have any questions or concerns about your equipment at any point during this transition period, you can reach our team at 800-206-4880 ext 12051. (You can enter the extension at any point during the greeting)

Keep Your Information Accurate

As part of your transition to SuperCare Health, we need to update your account information so that we are providing you the correct supplies and equipment.. Please fill in the form below. We need to request personal information such as birthdate to ensure that we link to your specific record, and not to someone else with the same or similar name.

The fields marked with a red asterisk require an answer. All others are optional, but the additional information can help us serve you better.

Thank you, again. We look forward to being of service.