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Top Three Things Patients Should Know about Coexisting Diabetes and Respiratory Conditions
Posted: 06/04/2024
Updated: 06/10/2024
By: SuperCare Health
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Welcome to SuperCare DiabetesTM, the newest division of SuperCare Health® focused on streamlining and strengthening services for patients managing coexisting respiratory conditions and diabetes. With continuous glucose monitors (CGM), insulin pumps, and other diabetes care supplies added to our healthcare services and programs, we’ve combined the latest technology with skilled patient care representatives for a supportive, convenient, and cost-effective patient experience.

Did you know that diabetes frequently coexists with chronic respiratory conditions such as sleep apnea, COPD, and diseases that require long-term oxygen therapy? For patients struggling to manage the complexities of these intersecting health challenges, SuperCare Diabetes is here to share the top three things patients should know about coexisting respiratory conditions and diabetes. 

  1. It’s essential to follow your prescribed care plan. Effective management of coexisting respiratory conditions and diabetes is critical to reducing complications, enhancing overall health outcomes, and improving your quality of life. For convenient ordering and delivery of your prescribed respiratory supplies, contact SuperCare Health online or by calling (800) 206-4880. To contact our diabetes care team, click here or call (855) 761-0889.     
  1. Increasing severity of sleep apnea has been associated with worsening glucose control. It’s important for patients with diabetes to see a doctor if they’re experiencing sleep apnea symptoms. According to a joint study published by McGill University and The University of Chicago, up to 83% of patients with type 2 diabetes may suffer from undiagnosed sleep apnea. To receive support for your sleep apnea management, view SuperCare Health’s full list of sleep services here.  
  1. A diabetes diagnosis is not a death sentence. It’s a lifesaver! The American Diabetes Association reports that 1.2 million Americans receive a new diabetes diagnosis every year. It’s estimated that 8.7 million adults in the US remain undiagnosed.The good news is that it’s easier than ever to manage your diabetes with the latest technology, such as a discrete, wearable monitor that delivers real-time glucose numbers to a smartphone. Learn more about the latest diabetes innovations from SuperCare Diabetes online.  

Through SuperCare Health’s mission to improve lives and reduce the cost of care, our dedicated team of experienced healthcare professionals remains committed to supporting our communities one home, one family, and one patient at a time. It all starts here, with convenient access to care for coexisting respiratory conditions and diabetes.

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