Assisting not only your patient, but your practice as well

Our physician-based programs are dedicated to managing both chronic care and high acuity respiratory care patients such as COPD, respiratory failure, and asthma.

Unlike any other company, our end-to-end care solution supports each physician and their medical staff by providing chronic care and transitional care services for the patient to the home with a high-touch care coordination team of specialized RTs, RNs, pharmacists, and RDs, together with high-tech solutions with mobile apps, telehealth, and video education.

The combination of these integrated services above provide patients satisfaction and guarantees each physician improved quality MACRA scores, patient visits, and supports the billing of both the TCM and CCM codes.

  • Improving Patient Quality & MIPS Quality scores
  • Providing MACRA solutions
  • Communicating regular assessments from clinical staff in the home
  • Billing support for CCM and TCM reimbursement
  • Giving patients access to educational mobile apps to help manage their conditions
  • Staying connected without additional costs


Spirometry Training Program

Spirometry testing your patients is simple and can be done easily during routine appointments and visits. Benefits include

  • Detection of respiratory disease in patients presenting with symptoms
  • Spirometry testing required for COPD diagnosis
  • Monitor disease progression and tailor therapies for best outcomes
  • Increase revenue utilizing nurses or medical assistants

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We Are Your End-To-End Solution for Respiratory Patients in Their Homes


We provide a broad range of respiratory therapies and services

Ventilation Oxygen Nebulizer & Nebulized Medications
CPAP/BiPAP Airway Clearance & Mobilization Specialty Pharmacy



Care Management Programs

We deliver value add services to help your patients manage their conditions

COPD Management

Providing support for COPD patients that reduces hospital readmissions

Neuromuscular Management

Managing the neuromuscular patient in the home through all stages of disease

Pediatric Respiratory Management

Providing peace of mind for your patients and their families’ respiratory and nutrition needs

Respiratory Medication Management

Comprehensive pharmacy program focused on medication adherence

Sleep Management

Providing testing and sleep management for patients with sleep breathing disorders

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Patients trust their care to us

I have grown really close to the supercare Health team members who regularly contact me, and I feel truly cared for as a patient.

— Barbara Clark