Coordinating care for patients transitioning from the Hospital to their homes

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Your Top Challenges

  • Transition care for respiratory diseases is complex
  • Transition from traditional fee-for-service to bundled payments requires hospitals to seek high quality homecare providers
  • Hospital readmissions for COPD and other respiratory diseases can result in reimbursement penalties
  • Managing costs via capitation and performance-based arrangements

Our Solutions

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We are Your End-To-End Solution for Respiratory Patients in their homes

Our hospital-based programs are designed specifically to support a quick and easy discharge process for each patient on therapy with high acuity respiratory diseases such as COPD, respiratory failure, and asthma.

Unlike any other company, because our focus is in the home and our specialization in complex respiratory, our end-to-end care solutions provide each case manager or discharge planner a high-touch team of specialized respiratory therapists and pharmacists together with high-tech wireless respiratory medical devices and mobile apps that provide for ongoing remote monitoring.
Coupling these end-to-end solutions has proven to mitigate gaps in care, improve overall health outcomes, and reduce all-cause hospital readmission rates by more than 65% from the national average.

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    • Patient & caregiver bedside assessments
    • Comprehensive ventilation patient discharge program to ensure safe transitions home
  • Follow-up in-home and telehealth appointments with respiratory therapists as appropriate to patient condition

We provide a broad range of respiratory therapies and services

Ventilation Oxygen Nebulizer & Nebulized Medications
CPAP / BiPAP Airway Clearance & Mobilization Specialty Pharmacy
Home Medical Equipment Enteral Supplies Nutrition

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Care Management Programs

We deliver value add services to help your patients manage their conditions

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iBreathe™ Respiratory Health

Providing support for COPD patients to improve clinical outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions

iSleep™ Apnea Management

Providing testing and sleep management for patients with sleep breathing disorders

SuperKIDS™ Pediatric Management

Supporting the respiratory and nutrition needs of pediatric patients and their families

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BreatheWell™ Medications Management

Providing comprehensive pharmacy programs focused on respiratory medication adherence

iAmStrong™ Neuromuscular Management

Managing patients with all stages of neuromuscular disease in their homes

TeleCare™ Management

Leveraging mass market technology to further improve the patient experience and increase accessibility to care

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Patients trust their care to us

Without the instructions and information from SuperCare Health, I wouldn’t have known what to do. They saved my life.