Managed Care Services

Our health plan-based programs are designed specifically to support transitional care and chronic care for patients on therapy with high acuity respiratory diseases such as COPD, respiratory failure, and asthma.

Unlike any other company, because our focus is in the home and our specialization in complex respiratory, our end-to-end care solutions provides health plans with a high-touch team of specialized respiratory therapists and pharmacists together with high-tech wireless respiratory medical devices and mobile apps that provide for ongoing remote monitoring.

The coupling of these end-to-end solutions have proven to mitigate gaps in care, improve overall health outcomes, and reduce all-cause hospital readmission rates by over 65% from the national average with an emphasis on the highest quality of patient care.

SuperCare Health has the ability to deliver cost-effective, quality services promptly and reliably making us the provider of choice for post-acute home medical therapies and equipment. Our access to target populations, ability to monitor and control utilization, costs and quality assurance ensures the best possible outcomes for the managed care organization.

We are Your End-To-End Solution for Respiratory Patients in their homes

Cost-effectively manage low- and high-Risk populations

Our programs manage both transitional care for patients with discharge coordination from the hospital, as well as chronic care for patients in the home. We can tailor our programs to suit your needs with SuperCare Health’s elevated standard of care for your patient populations. We also provide intensive PLUS programs for those at highest risk that supports patients with additional clinical interactions and touchpoints.

Total Care Capitation

Helping at risk entities manage their patients in the home cost effectively

  • Reduction of utilization management spending by minimum of 10% annually
  • Service Level Agreement Compliance = 98.4%
  • Patient satisfaction = 97.1%



True Partners in Respiratory Care



Care Management Programs

We deliver value add services to help your patients manage their conditions

COPD Management

Providing support for COPD patients that reduces hospital readmissions

Neuromuscular Management

Managing the neuromuscular patient in the home through all stages of disease

Pediatric Respiratory Management

Providing peace of mind for your patients and their families’ respiratory and nutrition needs

Respiratory Medication Management

Comprehensive pharmacy program focused on medication adherence

Sleep Management

Providing testing and sleep management for patients with sleep breathing disorders

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Patients trust their care to us

SuperCare Health would regularly check in with me to make sure I was doing what my doctor prescribed. My health improved because of that consistent support.

— Joseph St. Onge