The Interdisciplinary Respiratory Care (IRC) Team acts as an extension of your clinical care team, providing a continuity of care for your patients in-home and enabling their best outcomes

The IRC team is respiratory-led and leverages our proprietary care management technology infrastructure to deliver high-quality care in-person or via telehealth video appointments as appropriate to the patient condition. We monitor patients as they transition from hospital to the home. We developed our proprietary clinical pathways that have delivered proven reduction of hospital readmission rates, demonstrated improvement in treatment adherence, and reported improvements in patient quality of life.

Respiratory Therapist

Primary contact for patient interactions and leads the ICT in patient monitoring and interventions


Nurse Case Manager

Oversees the clinical protocols appropriate for each disease state and patient population



Conducts comprehensive medication reconciliation, review and management


Social Worker

Identifies issues and manages psychosocial support services to address all patients needs


Registered Dietitian

Identifies issues and manages specialized nutritional needs for each disease state and patient population


Clinical Care Team

ICT coordinates care with the patient’s primary care  physician and specialist care teams