SuperCare Health is a comprehensive post-Acute care respiratory services company focused on managing high-Risk respiratory patients in their homes

SuperCareHealthToday, SuperCare Health manages millions of lives annually with a growing team of more than 500 members, and has one of the highest rated satisfaction scores from both our customers and patients.

Our goal is to be the most trusted partner managing high-risk respiratory diseases combining both in-home, high-touch care with telehealth and remote monitoring. Our end-to-end care solutions from the hospital to the home closes the gaps of care, improves outcomes and reduces the cost of care. Our services in the home include ventilation, oxygen, CPAP/BiPAP, nutrition, pharmacy services, and an expanding population health program.

We are uniquely structured to be a responsive and agile community provider, but as stable and effective as a large enterprise. As a successful business, we remain focused on what really matters — improving outcomes, reducing readmissions and improving the lives of patients with chronic care diseases every day.

We provide a broad range of respiratory therapies and services

Ventilation Oxygen Nebulizer & Nebulized Medications
CPAP / BiPAP Airway Clearance & Mobilization Specialty Pharmacy
Home Medical Equipment Enteral Supplies Nutrition

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We are your End-To-End solution for Respiratory Patients in their homes

SuperCare Health process

Fully supporting patients and ensuring a continuity of Care

Patient care teamOur Augmented Respiratory Care (ARC) Team acts as an extension of your clinical care team and leverages our proprietary care management technology infrastructure to deliver high-quality care in-person or via telehealth video appointments as appropriate to the patient condition. The ARC Team is respiratory therapist-led and monitors patients as they transition from hospital to the home. We developed our proprietary clinical pathways that have delivered proven reduction of hospital readmission rates, demonstrated improvement in treatment adherence, and reported improvements in patient quality of life.

Our High-Tech Population Health Care Programs Engage the Patient and deliver Proven Results

High-tech population healthcare programSuperCare Health is one of the most innovative respiratory homecare providers — with our novel care management platform, capitation agreements and emerging risk-sharing relationships with leading health plans and providers.

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