Providing sleep Therapy management for patients with sleep breathing disorders

We offer a high-touch, high-tech care program for patients with sleep-breathing disorders. We provide home sleep testing kits, CPAP and BiPAP device monitoring, and follow-up management that drive treatment adherence and improve patient outcomes. Our dedicated Sleep Team primarily engages patients where sleep matters the most to them — in their homes.

SuperCare Health provides home sleep testing kits to ensure the most accurate data for analysis and diagnosis. We offer options to patients to best suit their therapy equipment delivery and set-up needs. Whether through group classes, individual instruction, or in-home service, our Sleep Team provides thorough education and mask-fitting to ensure patients benefit best from treatment. The team also promotes therapy adherence through regular contact to answer questions, troubleshoot and initiate resupply orders.

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  • 91% overall patient satisfaction
  • 83% reported improved quality of life
  • 86% reported treatment adherence

How can you enter your patients into this program?

Patients trust their care to us.

SuperCare Health has improved my quality of life. Staying active and mobile is what keeps me going and feeling alive.

— Warren Helmstedter

 Warren Helmstedter