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By joining MD Solutions, you get SuperCare Health’s more than 45 years of experience with patient care solutions that can help your practice. You can more easily diagnose patient with chronic respiratory diseases, monitor their on-going status with therapy, and get the equipment you need for treatment quickly.

Electronic Ordering

TeleHealth for Clinicians

  • Ability to conduct telemedicine with shared patients via SuperCare Health’s platform
  • Ability for all members of a patient care team from any location to collaborate with SuperCare Health to optimize patient care

TeleCare for Patients

  • Patient access to SuperCare Health’s clinical respiratory team for therapy troubleshooting and treatment questions
  • SuperCare Health platform enables providing service to patients in any location with remote set-up, continuing education and health monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Biometric data provided by SuperCare Health’s clinical team of respiratory therapists
  • Potentially billable (CPT Codes: 99453, 99454, 99457, 99091)

Convenience Closets

  • Equipment readily available for patients who meet medical need and are covered by insurance
  • Available for qualified facilities and clinic locations
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  • Spirometer device rental options
  • Confirm diagnoses, monitor disease progression, and evaluate patient therapy outcomes
  • Conduct testing in-home or during regular appointments


  • Document medical necessity with test results
  • Ability for convenient patient testing in-home, as well as during clinical appointment or in lab setting
  • Results quickly and accurately identify patients who may benefit from non-invasive ventilation

Overnight Pulse Oximetry

  • Confirms diagnoses and documents medical necessity with test results
  • Ability for convenient patient testing in-home, as well as in lab setting
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