Comprehensive Pharmacy Program Focused On Improving Medication Compliance

BreatheWell™ is a high-touch, high-tech care program aimed at helping patients adhere to their treatment plan through the optimization and management of their respiratory medications.

With over 45 years of experience fulfilling the healthcare needs of our ever-expanding patient communities, SuperCare Health understands pharmacy services. Our BreatheWell™ program enables physicians to both meet the immediate needs of patients and ensure their long-term treatment adherence.

BreatheWell™ Medications Management

  • 95% overall patient satisfaction
  • 78% reported improved medication compliance
  • 65% reduction in all-cause readmissions

How can you enter your patients into BreatheWell™?

The Choice Is Easy

BreatheWell™ vs Traditional Pharmacy (e.g., Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens)

Check 1-on-1 consultation with pharmacist Check 1-on-1 consultation with pharmacist
Check Medication Management Check Medication Management
Check Ability to obtain refills with one text, email or phone call Check Ability to obtain refills with one text, email or phone call
Check Home delivery Check Home delivery
Check Free mobile app to assist in disease education and patient compliance
Check Customized patient portal with 24/7 access to clinicians
Check Clinical chart reviews to ensure patient needs are met
Check Provides other respiratory items and equipment in the home
Check Ability to bill Medicare Part B benefits
Check  Offers in-office nebulizers and nebulized medications for expedited therapy and additional revenue
(CPT CODE: 94640 — Approx. $36)
Check  Dedicated Respiratory Account Executive to assist in order processing
Check  Regular interactions to remind patients to replace nebulizer supplies
Check  Medication Optimization by pharmacy team

Patients trust their care to us

We were clueless coming out of the hospital in regards to my COPD and medications. We are so grateful to SuperCare Health for all their help in educating us about my condition and treatment.

— Danny