Team Member of the Month – July 2021

SuperCare Health is proud to recognize our team members for their dedication to excellence. Read why this month’s honoree was nominated:

Standing Ovation Goes to Toyette!!!

Toyette goes above and beyond every day to make sure that her department is doing all it can to support the company as a whole. Upon taking over the Training supervisor position, she dug in with her team to make sure they had opportunities to work on passion projects and that the entire team was aligned. She created a new system for submitting projects and ensuring that all teams that a process would touch were accounted for. She has since cross-trained her team so that corporate needs are always met and created a ticketing system that will further aid in transparent project status. The team is not only cross-trained but they cross communicate to make sure nothing falls through the cracks and that if something is urgent and another team member has a meeting on the books, that they can gently remind them regarding communication needed. Toyette isn’t afraid to push back for the good of the process and the work she and her team are putting out. She takes a lot of pride in the work they do and in her representation of the team. Toyette has taken her role and expanded and improved it in ways we couldn’t imagine and we are so grateful to have her on our team!