SuperCare Health working with medical community to respond to needed oxygen equipment and supplies in India


May 14, 2021

DOWNEY, CA – SuperCare Health is the premiere respiratory provider for managing high risk respiratory patients in the home with ventilation and oxygen in the western US, and is coordinating the donation of oxygen equipment and supplies to help with the catastrophic COVID-19 pandemic in India.  During the peak of the crisis in the U.S.,  SuperCare Health was able to work closely with their payer partners and medical community to manage those impacted by COVID-19 and those with chronic respiratory diseases by implementing COVID-19 oxygen monitoring programs in the home and working with their supply chain to keep oxygen concentrators available to those in critical need.  

Now SuperCare Health is once again fighting the shortage and the Covid-19 crisis by working closely with its medical community and payer partners to provide needed equipment and supplies overseas for India’s public health emergency. 

The company understands the impact first hand when equipment and supplies are not readily available, like the oxygen and ventilator shortages in the United States during the multiple COVID-19 surges last year. 

“In addition to working together with our referral sources and payer partners to respond to the public health crisis in India, SuperCare Health is also donating life-saving oxygen equipment, related supplies, and protective gear that assisted us through our own country’s pandemic surges,” said John Cassar, CEO, SuperCare Health. “We have been serving the respiratory needs of our ever-growing patient population for nearly 50 years, and we’re committed to helping improve the lives of everyone dealing with high risk respiratory conditions.”

SuperCare Health is the leading provider of in-home respiratory services of oxygen therapy and ventilator management in California and the western U.S., supporting the needs of patients with COVID-19 and chronic respiratory conditions  all through cutting-edge devices. The organization has also developed in-home monitoring and management solutions for those with high-risk respiratory diseases such as COVID-19 and chronic respiratory conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  SuperCare Health has been awarded exclusive contracts based on its positive clinical and financial outcomes to provide a broad range of therapies including: ventilation, oxygen, nebulizers and nebulized medications, CPAP/BiPAP, airway clearance and mobilization, and home medical equipment. 

About SuperCare Health
SuperCare Health is a comprehensive high-touch, high-tech, post-acute health care organization that manages chronic care patients and provides a broad range of therapies including: ventilation, oxygen, CPAP/BiPAP, medication optimization, and airway clearance and mobilization. Utilizing cutting-edge mobile technologies combined with quality clinical services, SuperCare Health has proven cost savings that reduce hospital readmissions and offer shared savings for payors. For more information, visit