Team Member Of The Month – March 2021

SuperCare Health is proud to recognize our team members for their dedication to excellence. Read why this month’s honoree was nominated:

Standing Ovation Goes to Jennifer C.

Jennifer C. goes above and beyond for the company and for her patients. Since the end of December up until current, Jennifer C. has and continues to demonstrate her loyalty and dedication. She took the time to train and learn the OPTUM COVID program so that she can assist during the weekends and even on New Years day.
She has received multiple yelp reviews and commendations where patients are in awe with her customer service skills proving that she is results driven and making sure that any and all patients that she comes into contact with know that they are not alone and well educated with the equipment and supplies that they are receiving.
Jennifer, thank you for bringing a smile to everyone you come into contact with and always having a positive consistent attitude towards everything you approach.