Team Member of The Month – February 2021

SuperCare Health is proud to recognize our team members for their dedication to excellence. Read why this month’s honoree was nominated:

Standing Ovation Goes to… Lycett U.!

I would like to suggest Lycett U. She has been doing the lion’s share of managing the communication, tracking, and administration with staff about covid. I covered her for a week and I can tell you that in addition to being a full time job in and of itself, it is emotionally draining. Lycett picks up the phone every time someone is either exposed or has symptoms. She first talks them through the process and then she emails details.She listens to their fears, provides them with facts, and is a constant resource for them.  She checks up on them and pushes back if they aren’t healthy enough to come back even if they want to. She is on her phone on evenings, weekends, and days off during this time to make sure the communication is quick and we are getting people back to work as quickly as possible. She looks at both sides and does the right thing – looking out for our staff and acknowledging the crunch on our locations. I’m really proud of how she has handled this pandemic and I know it’s hard to see the amount of work that goes into it on the back end but I can tell you it’s not easy and she does it with grace and care.

Let me also add that Lycett takes the compliance aspect and human aspect very seriously even as she uses what she has learned with her own immediate and extended family.  As far as communication, after her interaction with the staff, she immediately reaches out to their management to keep them updated on the status of their team members.