The Painful Medi-Cal Authorization Process

Young child receiving care

Working with California Children’s Services (CCS) can be frustrating. The convoluted system requires lengthy processes, an overabundance of verification and loads of paperwork, and it has become exceedingly difficult for the average parent to work through on behalf of their child. Of course, no parent of a child with chronic illness or special needs should have to carry this extra burden.

Currently, there are around 200,000 children enrolled in CCS. However, each family must jump through a myriad of hoops to get medical equipment. While the requirements vary based on where the family lives and whether they have private insurance, it cannot be described as an easy process for anyone. Plus, certain groups of people, such as those in lower socioeconomic circumstances who are enrolled in Medi-Cal, must frequently wait ridiculous lengths of time before obtaining such necessary equipment as ventilators, wheelchairs or hospital beds. On the other hand, those who have better access to private funding can get supplies faster and create better health outcomes for their children.

One’s socioeconomic status is not the only thing keeping children from getting medical supplies. The confusing verification process itself often creates similar problems. In fact, attorneys have struggled to understand the program. The result of this confusion and disparity is that children in the program typically find it difficult to get the equipment they need to deal with such complex health concerns as cancer, sickle cell disease, and those who require invasive ventilation.

A 2018 report from the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health dismally reported that certain children had to wait longer than a year before receiving necessary medical equipment. In some cases, disease processes worsened, causing untold physical issues for children and emotional concerns for their parents.

Sadly, since that report came out, virtually nothing has changed. While many professionals are working to resolve the many bottlenecks in CCS and Medi-Cal, numerous children still miss out on necessary equipment every year. It is particularly bad for children just making their way into the system as well as for those families who do not speak English as their first language.

Children, especially those with chronic illnesses that require the long-term use of medical equipment, are a particularly vulnerable population. Without access to the supplies and equipment needed for health maintenance, they may be unable to progress in their treatments or experience proper growth and development.

At SuperCare Health, we stand on the side of children and their families. We provide children suffering from chronic diseases with the equipment that they need to treat their illnesses. For example, we can provide ventilators and other major supplies quickly and easily through our SuperKIDS program.

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