How TeleCare is Improving the Respiratory Therapy Experience

Elderly woman looking at iPad

As technology throughout the world changes, your interactions throughout the world are also changing. This does not just refer to how you receive your news or how you interact with friends on social media, but it also includes how you provide your medical care. Now you do not have to depend on your patients constantly coming to you. You do not have to rely on time constraints, distance, weather and other variables to determine the quality of care that your patients receive. Instead, using TeleCare, you can provide great respiratory management to your patients wherever they are through these five key benefits. 

TeleCare Saves Money 
TeleCare can save both you and your patients money by providing quality respiratory management without the need for a clinical office and ancillary staff. More importantly, it saves money by reducing the number of complications that your patients may suffer and through hospital readmission prevention. By educating your patients in the comfort of their homes and offering them help for acute conditions, we can help them avoid more costly complications. 

TeleCare Improves Patient Access to Care 
TeleCare is also the smart choice for patients who live in rural communities or for those who do not have reliable access to transportation. Now, you can treat patients who live quite far from you and can have the time and ability to serve many more patients than you once could by relying on telehealth as well as on the care you provide in your own office. 

TeleCare Provides Better Quality of Care
While you may initially be skeptical of the quality of care that patients may receive through telehealth services, studies have shown that the care given in this format is just as good as traditional health care is. In addition, because your patients are able to engage immediately with someone in the correct specialty, they will receive care specifically geared for their needs. We offer help for pediatric and adult patients suffering with acute and chronic problems. 

TeleCare Improves Engagement 
TeleCare can also help your patients become more engaged with their own health care. When patients are disengaged, they are not as apt to follow your recommendations or to take control of their own health. This can lead to negative consequences, such as lengthy hospital stays and ancillary diagnoses. Our TeleCare can help to engage your patients by educating them, giving them answers to their questions and recognizing early warning signs and symptoms for readmission prevention. It also helps patients feel as if their practitioners are actively involved in their care. 

TeleCare Can Provide Numerous Services 
TeleCare can provide a wide range of programs depending on the types of patients whom you see. With our iBreathe Respiratory Health program, we work with COPD patients to manage chronic symptoms. Our iSleep Apnea Management and iAmStrong Neuromuscular Management programs also work with specific demographics. In addition, we offer medication management with our BreatheWell program and pediatric support through SuperKIDS. These services give your patients care that is pinpointed to their specific concerns. 

As you can see, SuperCare Health is dedicated to improving respiratory therapy experiences. We can help your patients gain constant, ready access to quality care using online chat and telehealth. Now your patients can get help with their medications, can learn how to manage their symptoms and can find better ways to cope without having to make an in-person appointment. The benefits of this level of service are huge both for you and your patients of all ages.