The Top Ways to Provide Respiratory Therapy To An In-Home Patient

Elderly woman receiving treatment

Chronic respiratory diseases can leave your patients feeling as if they cannot move outside their home for fear of a relapse or yet another hospitalization. Some may feel physically unable to travel while others deal with great fear and anxiety about when their next attacks are going to occur. Respiratory diseases can be particularly tricky to deal with because they are prone to occur with unique triggers, many of which are found in our everyday environments. That is why we believe that it is important to educate patients and provide them with the tools they need to feel confident in life and to prevent future costly, debilitating and draining hospital readmissions. 

We can help you provide proven and effective COPD home management and in-home care for other chronic respiratory diseases for your patients. We work one-on-one with patients to find treatment protocols that work, to educate patients and to follow treatment plans designed to keep patients safely and happily living their lives without fear of constant hospitalizations. Here are our top ways for providing respiratory therapy to an in-home patient. 

Use a Proven Model 
Our iBreathe care program has been studied thoroughly and has been proven to be effective at reducing hospital readmissions for patients suffering with COPD. In addition, patients who have been admitted show reduced hospital stays when using iBreathe. Our proven model can help you give hope to your patients and can reduce their costs as well as costs for the general health care system. 

Work with Licensed Respiratory Therapists 
We choose to use dedicated, educated practitioners who are poised to help patients using the latest research for great respiratory health. Our Augmented Respiratory Care Team will work one-on-one with patients to educate them about how to care for their overall health as they live with COPD and how to reduce triggers. We do not rely simply on office staff reading from an online program. Instead, we go to the source of knowledge with our licensed care team. 

Use Adjunct Treatments and Medications 
While education is vital to preventing complications from COPD, it is not all that is needed for many patients. We give your iBreathe patients a dedicated toolkit that comes with all they need to be successful in their quest for better health. For example, they will have their own peak flow meters to measure expiration capacity, pulse oximeters to measure blood oxygenation and even oxygen therapy, nebulizers and other medications and home medical equipment when necessary. 

Integrate Technology 
Technology is an important way that we can connect with our iBreathe patients. That is why we provide them with our app that they can use to connect with their care teams. Using remote telehealth, they can reach dedicated clinicians at any time of the day or night and even on holidays and weekends. They can also use this technology to watch educational videos and to manage their health care through our innovative program.

With our iBreathe COPD program, we integrate a variety of treatment methods into one succinct care plan so that you can adequately and competently care for your in-home patients using proven and safe techniques. Our plan helps you achieve the best outcomes by using telehealth and remote patient education and symptoms monitoring, which can save you time and lessen your care load. Whether you are looking for basic COPD home management for chronic symptoms or need an intensive respiratory therapy program specifically designed to reduce hospital readmissions, we at SuperCare Health are here to support all of your efforts with medications, oxygen support, remote health care, medical equipment and much more.